Gilkey Electric Supply Company, Inc.
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With the most recent economic demands of LED lighting, Health Care continues to be a growing part of our
business. Gilkey Electric Supply has played an important role in providing the very best solutions in LED
technology. We have worked closely with CREE Lighting in both new construction, as well as retrofitting, to
provide the best solution for our customers needs. Some of these customers include:
  • Forrest General Hospital

  • Forrest General Hospital Cancer Center

  • Hattiesburg Clinic

  • Highland Hospital (Wiggins, MS)

  • Southern Bone and Joint (Hattiesburg, MS)
Gilkey Electric would be pleased to provide your with a no-obligation proposal to upgrade your lighting to LED
technology so your facility can begin benefiting from substantial electric utility savings.
A Satisfied Customer...
 "We have been trusting Gilkey Electric Supply Co. for over 20 years with our electrical needs.  Their knowledgeable staff, as well as their service, gives us confidence
that our needs will be met when we hang up the phone."
-Don Dobson, Engineering at Forrest General Hospital